Hello world!

Welcome to my eco photo blog. I am starting this as a way to amass and share the ever-growing amount of photographic work that exists surrounding the topics of environment, sustainability, consumerism, climate change, and the like. As a proud and ambitious greenie living in New York City, I spend my days photo editing and my nights increasing and sharing my knowledge of the ways in which to better our planet. I read a good handful of green living blogs, as well as photography blogs, and hope to provide a platform in which the two can come together. Thus photographyforagreenerplanet.wordpress.com is born. I welcome your thoughts and feedback. xx-Andrea


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One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. O. Says:

    Good to see, well done! As a primarily visual culture we badly need strong and creative images to interpret and describe what is happening at the moment in terms of climate change and environmental issues. Let’s hope this blog creates a forum where such images can be shared and spread. Power to your elbow…


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