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A Conversation in Europe: Arts and the Environment

March 31, 2009

Arts and the Environment Workshop
Friday, April 03, 2009 from 1:00 PM – 7:30 PM at the Barbican

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Workshop Package: 2 Workshops, 2 Films + Reception £20

LIDF presents a day of films and a ‘Green Afternoon’ dedicated to showcasing how the arts are tackling climate change. With the emphasis on the practical, representatives from the theatre, music and film industries discuss and demonstrate their commitment to best ‘green’ working practices.

The afternoon is co-hosted by Arcola Energy the driving force behind sustainability in the arts. Itself a spinout from the Arcola Theatre that aims be the world’s first carbon neutral theatre. Arcola aims to demonstrate to the creative industries just what can be achieved and why it is so important for the arts to pursue a green agenda. Arcola’s work in this area will be showcased at the Green Afternoon.

The session will cover London’s Green Theatre Plan and other related sustainable projects from across the creative industries spectrum.

Schedule for the afternoon:

Introduction: Anna Beech (Arcola Energy) and Patrick Hazard (LIDF)

13.00 –14.00 Workshop 1 Environmentally conscious Theatre
Anna Beech, Sustainability Projects Manager, Arcola Theatre
Paul Handley, Head of Production, Royal Court Theatre

14.00 – 15.30 Workshop 2 Music, Film and the Arts
Soutra Gilmour, Freelance Set Designer
Andrew Haworth, Environmental Manager, Live Nation
Alison Tickell , Julie’s Bicycle
Patrick Hazard, LIDF

15.30 – 16.10 Informal meet and greet, tea and coffee break
Ecover presentation of WaterAid project

16.15 Screening Cinema 3

Ecover – Working with Water | 15min
Around the world 884 million people do not have access to safe water and 2.5 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation, both of which are basic human rights. This film explores Ecover’s partnership with WaterAid and the impact it has had on the Ethiopian communities supported by the project.


Apocalypse on Wheels / Apocalipsa după oferi | Ada Solomon | 2008 | Romania | 52min
The streets of Bucharest are busy with fast cars and no driver seems to follow any rules. The result is complete chaos. The streets and the traffic in them are a metaphor for contemporary Romanian society.

17.30 – 19.30
Private Reception and speeches by Dermot Scott (Head of the UK Office of the European Parliament), and Patrick Hazard (Director of LIDF)

Supported by the UK Office of the European Parliament

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Final Week of Corey Arnold’s “Fish Work” show

March 26, 2009


If you’re in and around New York, Corey Arnold‘s “Fish Work” exhibition is up for just one more week, the last day being April 4th at Sara Tecchia Roma New York in Chelsea. Arnold was and still is a fisherman first, before he calls himself a photographer. He’s been documenting his job and life as a commercial fisherman for the past 13 years in the likes of Alaska and Norway. As a fisherman first, Arnold has extreme intimacy with the boat, the seas, and the fisherman like no other photographer could just going on a single or maybe a couple of trips. He has consistently been through 40 foot seas, mayday calls, severe storms, and more while fishing for crab over 3-4 month stints out at sea. Some photographs appear as straight photography, reportage even and quite serious and haunting, while others have a more humorous tone and create playful stories with their characters (sometimes people, sometimes sea life.)


The photographs themselves are beautiful in person, and you can’t help but change emotions quite quickly back to back as an image of bloodied and gutted fish hanging from hooks is soon followed by a blindfolded fisherman swinging a bat at a pinata on deck during a winter storm. It’s a closeness that is usually not witnessed in these types of photographs. The fisherman and their way of life are not romanticized in any way, but nor are they martyred for what they are doing: bringing us the food we pick up at the supermarket without so much as a glance to how it got there in the first place. Instead one can get a real sense of who they are, or more specifically, who they might be. The appear as hardworking men, highly skilled in their craft. One can sense loneliness, happiness, frustration, joy, fear, playfulness. Personally, feeling these emotions one after the other is what is fascinating, and what I find all too rare in projects of this nature. These men have truly been humbled in Arnold’s photographs. 


You can see Arnold’s work through April 4th at Sara Tecchia Roma New York, at 529 West 20th St. on the 2nd floor. To see more of Arnold’s work visit his website by clicking here.

Photo + Video Project | Earth Day | US EPA

March 23, 2009


The Environmental Protection Agency is now accepting submissions for its annual Photo Project as well as new to this year, Video Project. The EPA is specifically looking for imagery in the following categories: for video– reducing your carbon footprint, conserving and protecting water, protecting the environment, and reduce reuse recycle; and for photography– people and the environment, the beauty of nature, and wildlife. During the month of April, in honor of Earth Day, the EPA will feature one photo from all submissions showcasing its mission to protect human health and the environment. Learn more and get all the rules by visiting the EPA’s Photo Project and Video Project pages.