Jem Southam

Senneville-sur-Fecamp, April

Senneville-sur-Fecamp, April. Courtesy Robert Mann Gallery and Charles Isaacs Photographs.

Jem Southam is a British landscape photographer focusing on man and nature’s subtle influence over the existing landscape. He explores his subjects or “sites” over many years, going back to each site over and over as would an archeologist or scientific surveyor in order to take time affected notes. The slight changes he’s able to witness from this approach allows us to view what can easily be taken for granted, the cycles of nature as well as man’s interference in those cycles.

In a series called “Rockfalls”, Southam photographed a section of the coastline of Normandy in northern France where dramatic cliffs change shape on a daily basis. The varying seasons, changes in weather patterns, storms, erosion by both water and rock, and even mineral and chemical content changes in the soil and water can alter the size and shape of these massive cliffs.

The images online don’t do these pictures justice at all. I was lucky enough to view this work on massive scale last year for Southam’s solo show Robert Mann gallery here in New York. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, the work asks for a second look as it commands a certain historical relevance and importance. Go ahead, take a second look.

Vaucottes, February

Vaucottes, February. Courtesy Robert Mann Gallery and Charles Isaacs Photographs.

To see more of Southam’s work please visit the Robert Mann Gallery’s website by clicking here.


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