Collaborations for Cause


I’m so excited to be attending the Collaborations for Cause conference Friday and Saturday April 26 & 27, in Portland, Oregon.

Collaborations for Cause brings together photographers, NGOs, activists and communications professionals to discuss the collaborative future of storytelling. Presented by Blue Earth and Ecotrust, their second annual conference builds on Blue Earth’s mission to support photography that makes a difference through a combination of in-depth presentations and panel discussions, insightful case studies, and a full day of breakout sessions.

On Friday, award-winning visual storytellers and communications strategists will share groundbreaking examples and examine the new media landscape, practical considerations for effective collaborations, and the ethical complexity of cause-driven storytelling. A keynote by photojournalist Ed Kashi on the intersections of social media, visual reporting and media partnerships will round out the first day. Saturday will be dedicated to small group, constructive conversations diving deeper into these and other topics using a participatory Open Space, or “unconference,” model.

After the conference, I’ll be bringing to you a recap of the events and further info on what I learned. Stay tuned!


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